The River Academy offers a loving, challenging, and fun learning environment for preschool children who will be turning 4 by September 1. Our kinder-prep class consists of no more than 12 students per session, one teacher, and one teaching assistant. Since The River Academy welcomes and encourages parent involvement, our kinder-prep class also frequently enjoys having a parent helper in the room.

The kinder-prep program allows students to explore and participate in a number of different learning experiences. Our students learn by using hands-on materials, singing songs, hearing stories, and playing games. Specific learning objectives are introduced, but the students are not required to master these skills before entering kindergarten. The small class size allows our teacher to provide an individualized learning pace. Our teacher uses observation and the collection of student work samples to assess each child’s progress throughout the school year.

Our littlest TRA students participate in many of our very special traditions. One of these traditions is Psalm singing. Kinder-preppers start each school day by singing Psalms with a class of older students. This is just one of many ways they are able to observe the older students and learn the culture of our school, which is focused on building character and treating one another with kindness as we move about in God’s world.

More about our curriculum

Kinder-Prep Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Morning Class- 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Afternoon Class- 11:45 am to 2:45 p.m.

 *For those in the morning class who would like additional class time for their child, please read about our Enrichment Program below.

Field Trip to Smallwood’s Harvest

Field Trip to Smallwood’s Harvest

Enrichment Program (Up, Up Exploration)

We are pleased to offer The River Academy’s Up, Up Exploration after school class for kinder-prep and kindergarten students. This program has the same standard of excellence in care, culture, and Biblical foundation that is a mark of every classroom at The River Academy.

Up, Up Exploration is intended to enrich your child’s learning experience through play, fine motor skills, and exploratory learning through activity stations.

Up, Up Exploration is well suited for parents who desire a safe, convenient, comfortable, and happy place for their young student to play and interact with other children.

After the dismissal of the kinder-prep and kindergarten class, those students staying for the after-school exploration class would follow a schedule similar to the one outlined below:

*Please note: If there are enough students to warrant it, we will add a morning Enrichment Program for afternoon kinder-prep students