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We encourage you to consider taking the next step to learn more about our school by scheduling a visit. As a classical and Christian school, we recognize that we have some unique qualities…so come and see for yourself! 

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5 Questions

for families considering The River Academy

Do you desire a solidly Christian education for your children?

The River Academy is a thoroughly Christian institution which exists to partner with Christian parents in educating their children to become the next generation of Christian leaders.  In light of this, we desire families who are committed to Christ and to raising their children in Him. Is this your desire for your family and in particular your children? If so, The River Academy might be just the right place for you!

Are you committed to playing a very active role in your child's education both academically and behaviorally? 

The River Academy firmly believes that parents are the ones primarily responsible for their children's upbringing and education.  With this in mind, it's imperative that parents enrolling their children at The River understand that they must play an active role in their education. The River Academy holds a high standard for it's students academically, but also with regard to their classroom behavior.  In order to attain these high standards, parents must play a very active role in helping their students rise to the expectations.  If you are excited by the potential for your child's growth through a healthy partnership between you and their school, The River Academy may be a good fit for you!

Do you value academic rigor and the Christian work ethic?

The River Academy seeks to provide a fun, but rigorous learning environment for our students. This takes work on the part of the teachers, the students and the parents to achieve.  We believe the end results are well worth the effort, but want you to agree too. If you desire an academic program that will challenge your student to work hard and grow academically, The River Academy might be the right place for you!

Are you excited and intrigued by what you have learned so far about The River Academy?

Sending your children to TRA is a commitment.  It requires sacrifice of time, and resources.  Knowing this, we desire families who are fully committed to what we offer as a school.  We believe the payoff is worth far more than any sacrifices made in the process, but want you to believe this too!  If you are excited by what you have learned so far about our school, The River Academy may be the place for you.  

Do you value a broad based (Liberal Arts) approach to education?

Unlike other academic approaches offered in the Wenatchee Valley, The River Academy is unique in that it views a broad based, liberal arts approach to education as the best means of equipping students for future success. This broad approach exposes students to a wide base of history, literature, art, arithmetic and science.  This is contrasted with more modern efforts toward specialization in certain subjects from as early of an age as possible. We desire for our students to be able to specialize in areas of greatest strength and ability, but want them to do so after they have received a wide base of general knowledge.  If you desire for your children to be well versed in a broad array of subjects, equipping them for successful future specialization, The River Academy may be the right place for you!