Admission Overview

  1. Tour - Ready for a closer look at our school? Schedule a tour.

  2. Application - Submit your student’s application online and pay the new student registration fee upon submission. Please read instructions carefully as you go. If you plan on applying for financial aid, you may do so after you apply.

  3. Assessment - The office will call you to set up the assessment for your student and recommend placement. (grades K-12 only).

  4. Enrollment Interview- Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview with the head of school. This is a chance for you to ask questions and for us to get to know your family better.

  5. Acceptance - If your student is accepted, you will receive your acceptance notification via email, click on the link and complete the online enrollment packet.

  6. Financial - Set up “One-time Tuition” payment or make “Monthly Tuition” payment arrangements through FACTS. All financial arrangements must be agreed upon before admission is considered final.

  7. Complete - Congratulations! We look forward to partnering with you in the Christian education of your child.

Parent Agreement

  1. Though not required to be Christians, the parents of students in The River Academy should have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purpose of The River Academy. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching (not forced indoctrination) of the Academy's Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways within the Academy's program.

  2. Parents should be willing to cooperate with all the written policies of The River Academy and engage in active communication with the respective teacher(s) and administration.

Student Placement

  1. A child generally must have reached the age of four years by September 1 to enroll in Kinder-prep.  

  2. A child generally must have reached the age of five years by September 1 to enroll in Kindergarten.  

  3. For students transferring from a different school or home school, there will be an assessment to determine grade placement. Generally, children are placed in the grade for which they are applying.