The mission of The River Academy is to partner with parents in educating their children to become the next generation of Christian leaders, equipped to shape culture through faithful, wise, and joyful Christian living.

In order to accomplish this task, it is important that all financial arrangements are clearly understood and followed. The following sections outline the financial terms and conditions of education at The River Academy.

The River Academy is a Continuous Enrollment school. This simply means that once your student enrolls, they continue to be enrolled until you tell us otherwise. This holds your student’s spot from year to year, but we rely on you to be in good communication with us if you intend to leave.


  • Continuing Students: A non-refundable continuous enrollment fee of $100.00 per student is due March 1st of each year.

  • New Students: There is a $150.00 application fee per student.  (NOTE: If a student is denied enrollment, $100.00 of the application fee is refundable).

  • All Students: A book fee of $240.00 per student is due by July 1st. All books and materials purchased remain the property of The River Academy.


  • Prepaid Tuition: Families who pay their tuition in full by July 5th will be given a 2% discount off their total tuition.

  • 12 Tuition Payments: Billed monthly, July through June, according to your selected payment plan in your FACTS account. Paid tuition and fees are non-refundable.

Grades 1-12


Annual Tuition

Monthly Tuition

Prepaid Tuition

1st Student




2nd Student




3rd Student




4th Student




5th Student



Example: A two-student family would pay annual tuition of $7596.00 for the first student and $6960.00 for the second student. Total monthly payment would be $1213.00 per month for twelve months.

Kinder Prep and Kindergarten


Annual Tuition

Monthly Tuition

Prepaid Tuition









Please Note: Multi-student discounts are not given for Kinder-Prep or Kindergarten. 

Up Up Exploration Enrichment Program (for Kinder Prep & Kindergarten)


Annual Tuition

Monthly Tuition




3 days/week



5 days/week



Note: Note: Kinder-Prep 11:00 – 2:45 & Kindergarten 12:00 – 2:45.