The Everson Family

The Everson family has been a part of The River Academy since 2014. We are so thankful for this family. Here is what they have to say:

“The River Academy has had an incredible impact on our family. Our daughter has attended The River Academy for 5 years now, and she has grown academically, socially, and spiritually! She is challenged, loved, and being infused with a Christ-Centered Classical Christian Education.
All the teachers/staff have a genuine love for the Lord, which shines through to the kids. We could never thank the teachers/staff enough for their investment into our daughter. The River Academy is creating true disciples of the Lord, and it’s a blessing to have such an amazing school in our community!!!!”


The Hettick Family

The Hettick family moved to Wenatchee in 2016 when Mr. Hettick was hired to teach in our secondary program. It’s hard to imagine TRA before The Hetticks. The smiling faces of their boys, the generous spirit of Mrs. Hettick and the blessing Mr. Hettick brings to the students he teaches have become part of the fabric of our school. Here is what Mr. Hettick has to say about teaching at The River Academy:

“I've taught in several different schools around the country, and even internationally, and I have not been around students who so consistently extend gospel grace to one another, and leverage that grace to really work hard to maintain healthy relationships with one another. This is quite a tight community, with lots of hours together, and yet I see in my students a rhythm of real-deal happiness in doing school and life together”


The Canlis Family

The Canlis children have brought a great deal of joy to the halls of The River Academy in the years they have been here. They are a good example of what we like to see in the students at our school. Joyful, creative, and problem solvers with hearts for Jesus. Here is what their mom, Julie says of their time here: 

“My children were integrated into The River Academy 7 years ago, and this community has profoundly shaped our experience of the Wenatchee Valley ... all for the good! There are committed parents, wonderful zany / smart / curious children, and teachers committed each year to improve their game. When we first arrived, the school was going through a transition, but the hard work was worth it as now it has less of a parochial feel, and more of an integrated-into-the-world feel. Our kids feel sheltered from some of the worst excesses of what is out there, without being cloistered. Also, your kids will learn some incredible public speaking skills, as this is integrated throughout all the years - a definite bonus!”