innovatively classical

Classical education has been making a resurgence in America recently. And while the name itself may conjure up images of ivy lined brick buildings, it is simply an education aimed at teaching students to think and learn for themselves. You have probably heard of a liberal arts education. Classical education at The River Academy is rooted in this approach and specifically focuses on the first three of the liberal arts - Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric - also known as the Trivium. Trivium based classical education has been practiced for centuries and we have the joy of recovering the education that most of the western world used up until the nineteenth century when it was abandoned for an education more suited to prepare students for the industrial revolution. Now that we are past this revolution a new method is needed and we happen to believe that the way forward is to go back to the past - to a tried and true method of classical (aka liberal arts) education. For more on how this works at our school see Academics.