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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Classical sounds old - will my child be prepared for the complexities of a modern world? 

We believe classical education is the absolute best preparation for a child entering a very complicated modern world.  While we may be biased, we see the well-rounded, tool building approach to education as well suited for an ever changing work place.  It's been said that 40% of the jobs that will be available five years from now haven't been invented yet.  With this in mind, how do you prepare students for a job that hasn't been created?  Our answer is to teach him how to think, learn for himself, and articulate himself well and he will be most equipped for future success.

2.  Classical sounds hard - will my child be able to succeed in your model? 

Most students are able to find a good degree of academic success at The River Academy.  Students entering in to our system may find a short period of adjustment, but most acclimate within six months to a year.  With this said, we are not yet equipped to handle students with severe learning disabilities.  These students may struggle to succeed at The River Academy and my be better served attending somewhere with greater resources at their disposal.    

3.  Classical sounds dry - will my child love learning? 

Contrary to what you might think, classical education is fun.  Maybe it's how we have applied the model, but our children - from Pre-K-12th grade generally enjoy their studies.  We would invite you to come and view any of our classes to see for yourself.  Call our office at (509)665-2415 to schedule a visit.

4.  How large are your class sizes? 

Our classes range between 15 and 24 students in the elementary and in between 5 and 22 in the secondary.  Generally classes will not be larger than 24 with an aim of no more than a 20 to 1 student to teacher ratio.    

6.  Are parents welcome in classrooms? 

Our mission states that we "partner with parents."  We truly believe that education is best done in partnership between the school and the parents.  In this way, parents are always welcome and encouraged at school and in the classroom.  

7.  Are all your teachers Christian? 

Education is influence.  Because of this, we make certain that all of our employees are firmly Christian in belief and conduct.  We don't place anyone in front of your students that we wouldn't want influencing our own children. 

8.  What enrichment programs do you offer? 

Classical education at its root is a well-rounded education.  Because of this we offer art, music, P.E. and drama to all of our students.  In addition to this, students may elect to participate in extra-curricular programs such as Mock Trial, Math Counts, Art club, and after-school sports.  As our program continues to grow and expand we hope to add additional arts and athletic programs to fill out our well rounded approach.   

9.  Do you offer after school programs? 

The River Academy doesn't offer after school programs for students whose parents work.  Transportation to other after school programs may be arranged.  

10.  How can I learn more about The River Academy? 

Easy – call our office to schedule a visit (509)665-2415, or keep browsing the pages contained within our website.